The final edition

October 16, 2015

Another beloved Macon business closes its doors

by Ryan Eidson, editor

Today Macon mourns the loss of yet another newspaper. We simply did not get the advertising volume that we needed for a viable operation.

The last issue of Macon The News is today. We will have one final Maple Messenger on Monday, October 19.

We thank all the businesses, organizations and individuals who did advertise with us. A newspaper is not a typical retail local shop. The production costs of a paper in print, plus the postage and people, takes quite a bit of resources.

We also thank our readers and subscribers.

However good the journalism is, though, it is the advertising that pays for the vast majority of a newspaper operation. If subscriptions were the only revenue source, we would have to charge $180 for each annual subscription to make it work. I doubt there are 800 households in Macon who would pay that much for a newspaper, though there are many more that do pay $600+ for cable TV, or pop and candy every day at a convenience store, or other peripheral services each year.

Maybe a nonprofit model is what it would take: one where a few people put money into a foundation with an annual fundraiser (like Boots and Black Tie) to help keep subscription costs down, if the advertising support wasn’t there.

Now to our subscribers, our policy is the same as many other newspapers: no refunds. Sorry. If we were able to issue refunds, don’t you think we’d have the ability to keep the doors open?

Several people have told us the past few days how they loved how good our newspaper was. We gave it an honest try. As the closing ceremonies of the FFA goes, we were “diligent in labor, just in our dealings, courteous to everyone, and, above all, honest and fair in the game of life.”

Drew Staudenmaier, associate editor

Irony is an interesting thing.


Two buildings were torn down this last week after they were discovered to have serious structural concerns | photo by Drew Staudenmaier

Earlier this month the Royal Theatre had part of it’s facade fall off. This incident  prompted us to begin looking into the state of Macon’s downtown. Last week nearly a month after the first incident, the old Swindon Family Pharmacy building began to collapse and was slated for destruction. The week before the second incident, we had just wrapped up our series looking into downtown.

So is Macon’s downtown falling apart? The recent events of last week would seem to confirm that suspicion. The question now becomes, can downtown be saved? Continue Reading…