See You at the Pole Rally Held In Front of Macon R-I High School

September 23, 2015
by Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

Approximately 100 students, teachers, and community members attended at See You at the Pole rally held in front of Macon R-I High School on Wednesday, September 23. See You at the Pole began in 1990 in America and became an international event in 2005. It is an event where Christians gather together in front of a flagpole at their local school in order to pray together for the school, community and nation.

Macon’s is sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Chase Stockton of FCA’s leadership team began the rally by reading a passage of scripture. People then broke into groups to take turn praying. Everyone was encouraged to fellowship afterward with donuts, juice or milk.IMG_8830