Old County Records Get Damaged

September 23, 2015
Ryan Eidson, staff reporter

Fifty cubic feet of old Macon County permanent records were damaged last month at the courthouse due to rain. A state archivist came at the time of the incident to work with the county for restoration plans. On August 13 Alan Wyatt, Presiding Commissioner, signed a work estimate of $16,348.50 with DFD of Livonia, Michigan, for document restoration. This restoration includes freeze drying, cleaning, and other processes to bring the records back to near original condition.

“No one expected this to happen–it was a byproduct of the rain we had this summer,” said Jon Dwiggins, District II Commissioner.
Macon The News learned last week that a basement drain pipe had a sanitary sewer line attached to it. A heavy rain in early August backed between two and four inches of water into the basement.

These are very old permanent records; the vast majority belonging to the circuit clerk’s office. Because these records were not critical to daily operations, they were not moved to the temporary courthouse site between Onshore and Macon R-I Schools. Yet because these records are permanent, the county cannot just dispose them.
The county turned this claim into its insurance company.