Macon R-I School Board Considers Expanding Wrestling Program

September 30, 2015
by Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

Macon R-I School Board held its monthly meeting, Thursday, September 24.

Two different speakers attended the meeting to hold discussions with the board. Philip Prewitt attended the meeting to discuss wrestling. He reminded the board it has agreed to host a wrestling tournament at the high school on February 6, 2016. He said typically between $3,000 and $7,000 is earned at a tournament between fees and concessions. Prewitt also said it will be good for Macon because some of the wrestlers and their families will stay overnight at hotels and eat out at local restaurants.

He asked the board to consider expanding the wrestling program to middle school and possibly high school freshmen. Prewitt said a lot of the youth want to continue, but there is no program in Macon for them to continue.

“Wrestlers are the most sought after workers in the workplace,” Prewitt informed the board. He said they have proven that they have dedication and work ethic. He said wrestling encompasses a way of life.

The board agreed to look into the possibility of expanding the program.


Lock ‘Em Out
Example of proposed lock system

Adam Ratley, retired from the Air Force, and a bus driver with South Shelby also attended the board meeting to discuss with the board safety products he makes. He specifically makes stand alone products for simplicity that locks doors. Ratley informed the board he has a website, The website also provides a travel version of the locks he showed the school to use in hotel rooms.

Administration Reports

High School

Jeff Haley, Macon R-I High School Principal, said the high school has been re-evaluating its emergency evacuation procedures. He said the school wants to be safer and more efficient for crisis situations.

He also informed the board that school is off to a great start, especially fall sports.

Middle School

The board learned there are 308 children in middle school. The middle school held disaster drills on September 9.


The board was told $7,000 was raised during the Elementary School Book Fair. They learned a family and student involvement night was to be held Monday, September 28.

Career Center

Director Pete Claas told the board the Career Center hosted a Walsworth yearbook seminar at the Center. There were 315 additional children on campus during the seminar.

He informed the board the online parental portal is now open to students who attend the Career Center from towns other than Macon.

caption for photos
Adam Ratley (from showed the board some of his stand alone safety products meant to make the classroom safer.