City of Callao Will Elect Aldermen At Large Instead of By Ward

October 1, 2015
by Ryan Eidson, staff reporter

The board of the City of Callao approved an ordinance at its September 21 regular meeting to elect board of aldermen at large instead of by ward. The vote passed unanimously by roll call vote and became Ordinance 428-15.
The aldermen also amended an ordinance to reduce the resort/restaurant liquor by the drink license rate from $300 to $100. This was after Mayor Cross leading discussion and saying he wants to see businesses succeed in the city.
Kevin Shoemaker, Macon County Sheriff, suggested that the City utilize the Sheriff’s office to provide ordinance enforcement for the City of Callao every day. He currently has two deputies who have volunteered to assist in this capacity. Shoemaker said that the City of Callao could cut their law enforcement expenses in half, or more, by doing so. The aldermen will discuss this further at the next meeting, to be held October 19 at 6 pm at Callao City Hall.