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Waste to Art Show

September 24, 2015
Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

Marci Meyer, first in wall art category; Beverly McWilliams, first in decor and Gillian Greenwood, showing off her lamp entry.

A “Waste-to-Art” competition show and auction was held on Sunday, September 20 at the Macon Elks Lodge in downtown Macon. The event raised funds to support the non-profit missions of the Macon County Sheltered Workshop (Macon Diversified Industries) and to promote participation in community recycling and reuse.

Five winners received a $25 cash prize for their hard work at making creative reuse art! Winners at the show included: Beth Kroes and Beverly McWilliams, both of Macon, Marci Meyer of Columbia, Katie West and, area student, Kennedy Underberg, both of Macon.

by Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

Bill Lear has been playing music for nearly 50 years. He started playing bass guitar and flat top in 1967 when he was 18. His love of music began even before he started playing.

“I have just always liked music,” Lear said. He said he used to listen the The Grand Ol’ Opry on a battery operated radio. It didn’t always get the best reception, but he listened whenever possible.

He sold garden seed to get his first guitar. Lear said it wasn’t the best guitar and he never learned to play. He had two more after that which he never learned to play either.

Lear never learned until he met Wesley and Janese Reynolds. Wesley ran a garage in town and would have “jam sessions.” Lear would sit and listen in at the jam sessions until Wesley told him if he was going to be there, he should learn to play. He began going over the Reynolds’ house for music lessons. Continue Reading…