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Fork & Cork Festival

September 4, 2015
Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

The annual Fork & Cork Festival was held downtown Macon on Saturday, August 29. Several vendors were there selling jewelry, paintings, clothes and food. Music was provided by Jamie Baker, Sway, Keota, Kami Mohn, The Aker’s, Just Friends and Cheeks McGee. Downtown businesses were open so customers could shop while attending the Fork & Cork.


Layne Walter holds Fletcher Coon while Sophia Coon plays on the table.

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by Ryan Eidson, Founding Editor & Publisher

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a man made his living by baking bread. His name was Chad Hulett, Jr., and he made his bread every weekday. For many generations, his family made bread to sell to the city citizens. A master who lived in another kingdom owned Chad’s bakery and recipes. Chad didn’t mind, though. He employed many workers who made this bread fresh every day and delivered it to the citizens of the town.

story of the bakers

Photo by flickr user Bart Everson | cc by 2.0

One day Chad’s master said, “I need my bakers to fill my coffers. How can they accomplish that?” Chad’s master owned many bakeries in several kingdoms. His master found every way possible to reduce the quality of the bread. The recipe changed a little, and the workers received no increase in pay. Chad still believed in the art of making bread, and knew the citizens of the town needed his bread. Continue Reading…