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(USDA) Kindle, iPad, and Surface—oh my! It’s fascinating to think about the increasing number of electronic tablets in the marketplace. However, a recent survey suggests that students and educators alike grab another notepad when it comes to comprehending what they’ve read. And that notepad is made of paper. Continue Reading…

by Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter


The Macon R-I High School has been busy all summer preparing for the moment it could install new seating in the high school gymnasium. The Macon Athletic Booster Club began demolishing the bleachers in the Macon R-I High School on Monday, May 18. In July, the gym floors were resurfaced and painted. The floor cured 3-4 weeks and on August 12 the new bleachers arrived. It will take approximately seven days to completely install the new bleachers, and they will be ready to use before the first day of school (August 24). Many volunteers were needed to unload the truck and bring the needed equipment to install the bleachers into the Macon R-I High School gym