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Recent Marriages

October 7, 2015

The following marriages were recorded at the Macon County Courthouse. Individuals can request not to have their marriage printed in the paper.

August 22
Dalton Ely Haddock of Macon and Alexis Michelle Schultz of Macon Continue Reading…

Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

A pep rally was held on Thursday, September 24, to cheer on the Macon Tigers before their big Homecoming game on Friday night. The Macon Cheerleaders led the audience in cheers, the Macon Band Drum Line gave a performance, the football players were recognized by class, Bruce Weimer and Pete Claas spoke about the football team, the Homecoming Court was escorted into the gym and the Homecoming Queen was announced. Following the coronation of the Queen, people went outside to participate in a bon fire where the Cardinals (the rival team) was burned in effigy.

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