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Ryan Eidson, staff reporter

The City Transportation Infrastructure Planning Committee met in open session at 5:30 pm Tuesday. Mayor Dale Bagley opened the meeting stating that he and many other citizens are concerned about street conditions. He said that sources of revenue are limited, and the needs go up every year (he cited MoDOT’s situation as an example). Most candidates who ran in this past spring’s election said they wanted to get streets fixed. Continue Reading…

Sheryl Beadles, staff reporter

Macon County Commissioners (from left): Jon Dwiggins, Alan Wyatt and Drew Belt.

A public meeting was held by the Macon County Commissioners on Monday, July 27 regarding plans submitted by John Yutz to add an additional Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) on Yutz Farms in Macon County.

The facility is planned as a 2500 wean-to-finish facility with a deep pit barn. It will be 3900 feet to the closest occupied residence and one mile to the closest CAFO. In plans given to the commissioners, Yutz said manure will go to Wyatt farms located within one mile of the site. Wyatt farms have in access of the 250 acres required. It also states that dead animals are to be composted on site and compost applied as fertilizer to farm land as needed. Pit additives are to be used to control odors.

Commissioner Alan Wyatt said the proposed plan meets all the requirements of the Macon County Health Ordinance. He also explained no neighbors have complained or reported Yutz regarding a CAFO he has managed for over twenty years.

“We’ve operated for 20 years or more. It’s just time for the next one,” Yutz said.

No one from the public attended the meeting regarding the proposal. Commissioner Jon Dwiggins stated this demonstrates what kind of operation Yutz runs.

The Commissioners will vote at their next regularly scheduled meeting but none expressed concern at the public meeting.