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Drew Staudenmaier, associate editor

Irony is an interesting thing.


Two buildings were torn down this last week after they were discovered to have serious structural concerns | photo by Drew Staudenmaier

Earlier this month the Royal Theatre had part of it’s facade fall off. This incident  prompted us to begin looking into the state of Macon’s downtown. Last week nearly a month after the first incident, the old Swindon Family Pharmacy building began to collapse and was slated for destruction. The week before the second incident, we had just wrapped up our series looking into downtown.

So is Macon’s downtown falling apart? The recent events of last week would seem to confirm that suspicion. The question now becomes, can downtown be saved? Continue Reading…

Downtown Decline?

September 7, 2015
by Drew Staudenmaier, staff reporter

Downtowns all across America are suffering. Places that once used to be a centers of commerce and social activity are now desolate wastelands. Streets that were once bustling with merchants and activity are now empty and quiet. What happened?

Across the board, there seem to be some common threads leading to this demise. “Big box” retail stores seem to be the number one reason, as small businesses struggle to compete with the larger corporations. Another reason may be the lack of interest or resources in reviving downtown. Many of the old buildings need a lot of work, which takes a lot of capital and in the end may not be the best move for businesses. Continue Reading…